Spring Seedlings



Each spring we offer an assortment of young plants for your home garden. Our seedlings are started in our greenhouse, in certified organic potting soil mixed with compost. In just a few weeks, these healthy seedlings are ready to go directly into your own garden.

We offer many Heirloom Tomato varieties and various other vegetable plants. Cold tolerant plants are generally available for purchase starting in late April, with tender plants coming approx mid-May.

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🌱Organic Heirloom Tomato Plants ~ 4.25/ 3″ Pot (1 plant/pot)

Cherry Tomatoes: Perfect for salads, or popping in your mouth!
🍅 Sun Gold: 57 days, Indeterminate. This is not an heirloom variety, but we can’t resist offering it, as it’s our favourite cherry tomato. They start bearing early and continue right through the season. Round, orange, and very sweet!
🍅 Yellow Pear: 70-80 days, Indeterminate. Small, brilliant yellow, pear shaped cherry tomatoes juicy and mild.
🍅 Jaune Flamme: 70-80 days, Indeterminate. Orange skin, reddish flesh. Fruit grows in clusters of about 6 and are produced abundantly. Very flavourful, large cherry.
🍅 Peacevine: 75 days, Indeterminate. So named because of the high amino acid content which has a calming effect on the body. Produces huge amounts of small red cherry tomatoes in large trusses. Very high vitamin C content.
🍅 Chadwick’s Cherry: 80-90 days, Indeterminate. Medium size 1.5” round red cherry tomato, juicy and prolific. Paste Tomatoes: Good for drying, or making paste/sauce
🍅 Red Pear: 85 days, Indeterminate. Shaped like tiny red pears. Juicy and mild.

Paste Tomatoes: Good for drying, or making paste/sauce
🍅 Roma: 80 days, Determinate. One of the most popular paste tomatoes. High yields of 2 ½” long red, blocky, pear-shaped tomatoes. Roma is not an heirloom variety.
🍅 San Marzano: 85 days, Indeterminate. Old Italian paste variety. Dark red, flat sided almost rectangular fruits with few seeds and thick meaty flesh. High Yielding.

Red/Pink Slicing Tomatoes: Great for fresh eating, sliced or salads, juice
🍅 Manitoba: 65 days, Determinate. Has been a prairie favourite for years. Average size (6oz) red fruit that is nice for canning, sandwiches and salads. Early.
🍅 Grightmires Pride: 65 days, Indeterminate. Large, early pinkish fruit, low acid, good taste, prolific. If tomatoes don’t agree with you, this one will.
🍅 Earliana: 70 days, Indeterminate. Large crop of perfect juicy, round, red tomatoes that are richly flavoured. Shorter plant than some.
🍅 Rose De Berne: 75 days. Indeterminate. Beautiful rose-pink, round,  uniform, smallish (2-3” fruits), robust flavor, heavy producer.
🍅 Magnum Beefsteak: 80 days. Indeterminate. A really nice, large, red beefsteak that has old fashioned flavour and is perfect for slicing. Very few blemishes.
🍅 Brandywine: 80 days. An old classic. Purplish-red beefsteak type fruits average 9-11oz. The fruit is not considered pretty, but what a taste!
🍅 German Pink: 85 days. Indeterminate. Good yield of large 1-2lb fruits. Perfect for slicing, canning or freezing. These tomatoes are sweet, meaty and unblemished. Potato leaved variety.
🍅 German Red Strawberry: 85-90 days. Indeterminate. This unique German heirloom is one of the best tasting tomatoes available. Bright red fruit are heart shaped and meaty with few seeds. Fruit average 10-12oz, but can grow quite a bit larger. Very productive.

Various Coloured Slicing Tomatoes: Fresh eating, sliced, salads, juice
🍅 White Wonder: 75 days. Indeterminate. Medium size fruit, creamy white to mellow yellow, a good producer.
🍅 Golden Sunray: Indeterminate. Smallish yellow fruit, very prolific. Nice for quartering into a salad.
🍅 Cherokee Purple: 75-80 days. Indeterminate. Dark purplish pink colour. The large fruit average 12 oz and are delicious. Very productive and reliable.
🍅 Green Zebra: 77 days. Indeterminate. Dark green stripes over a yellow blush, perfect size for slicing into salad. Known for its outstanding sweet yet tangy flavour.
🍅 Orange Beefsteak: 79 days. Indeterminate. Produces large amounts of 3-4” round, golden tomatoes loaded with delicious, well balanced, sweet, fruity flavours. Good for sandwiches, salad or fresh eating.
🍅 Golden Monarch: 80 days. Indeterminate. A vigourous plant, that produces 10-14 oz pale-yellow, flattened fruit. Good tomato flavour with sweetness balanced with just enough acidity.
🍅 Black Zebra: 85 days. Indeterminate. Small 2-3” fruits, mahogany brown with green stripes, abundant and tasty.
🍅 Mary Robinson’s German Bi-Colour: 90 days. Indeterminate. This beautiful heirloom tomato has large bi-colour fruit and great taste. The fruit can reach 2lbs and are yellow with red on blossom end.

🌱Organic Pepper Plants ~ $4.25/ 3″ pot (1 plant per pot)

Golden Pepper: Large, sweet, heirloom. Starts out green then turns golden when ripe.
Red Pepper: Large, sweet, blocky heirloom. Starts out green then turns to red when ripe.
Orange Pepper: Large, sweet blocky heirloom. Starts out green then turns orange when ripe.
Green Pepper: Did you know, there isn’t really a “green pepper” variety? All of the above sweet peppers start out green, and you simply pick them at the green stage before they fully ripen. Only order “Green Pepper” if you don’t care what colour they turn when fully ripe.
🌶️🌶️ Hungarian Hot Wax Peppers: Waxy, yellow, 6-8” long 2” wide fruits. Turns to bright red when fully ripe. Medium-hot. Used in pickling recipes.
🌶️🌶️🌶️ Chili Pepper: Small, very hot both at green and red ripe stage, chili, salsa.
🌶️🌶️🌶️ Jalapeno Pepper: Starts out green, then turns red. Very hot, larger than chili pepper.

🌱 Organic Vining Plants ~ $4.25/ 3″ pot (1 plant per pot, unless specified)

Green Zucchini
Yellow Zucchini
Buttercup Squash
Butternut Squash
Spaghetti Squash
Delicata Squash
Green Acorn Squash
Pie Pumpkin
Slicing Cucumber (2 plants/pot)
Pickling Cucumber (2 plants/pot)

🌱 Misc. Plants ~ $4.25/ 3″ pot (# of plants per pot is listed by each item below. Order by # of pots, not plants)

Basil (2)
Brussel Sprouts (2)
Green Cabbage (2)
Red Cabbage (2)
Red Kale (2)
Green Kale (2)
Toscano Kale (2)
Swiss Chard (2)
Collards (2)
Cilantro (clump)
Mint (clump)
Lemon Balm (clump)
Curly Parsley (clump)
Italian Parsley (clump)
Salanova Head Lettuce (2)

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Looking for garden seeds? We carry those too! Aimers Organic Garden Seeds are available each year from January through June.

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