Organic Oasis

COVID-19 info: We are OPEN!


At Organic Oasis our goal is to re-connect people to their food source. Real food, sustainably grown. Our farm is certified organic by Eco-Cert so you can have every confidence that the produce you’re purchasing is free from toxic chemicals. Yet there is so much more to it than that! Farming from a holistic perspective is the approach we take. Our work space isn’t a sterilized clean cubicle, but rather one teeming with microbial life.


The rustic 1800’s building was possibly the original barn on the property, with some of the beams even coming from the old log house. It was later used as a shed to house farm machinery and has now become home to Organic Oasis Farm store. We left the original hand-hewn beams exposed to try and preserve as much of the original character, as possible, while adding a fresh new look. Our store is open Tuesday to Saturday offering you the bounties of each season. Spring brings organic seedlings for your home garden. Summer and fall offer an abundance of fresh garden produce. And winter provides you with bounty from our greenhouses. Frozen meats are available year-round along with eggs from our free range chickens. In our coolers and freezers you’ll find organic dairy products (milk, cheese, butter and ice cream). Our shelves are stocked with treatment free honey, quality oils, flours, nuts, handcrafted soaps, biodegradable paper products, beeswax candles, natural wool blankets and more.


More than just an organic produce store – you can always find something to satisfy. A hot summer day may require an organic ice cream cone or a snowy winter day may call for hot coffee (fair trade, organic and freshly brewed of course!) And some days you may just feel the need for a cup of tea and the peaceful tranquility of our Pollinator Patio and waterfall.

You can often find animal friends somewhere outside to visit – cats, pigs, cows, chickens, or take a short walk to see our gardens and greenhouse. We want to share our farm and food with your family, we want you to “Enjoy the farm connection!”