Our Story

My ancestry consists of generation upon generation of farmers, so it is no surprise that I feel as though I belong on the farm. Farming is in my blood!

Growing up on a small dairy farm, nestled in these hills I still call home, I was the very middle child of 5. My memories are full of happy times. Many and varied were our chores – pulling wild mustard from dad’s fields, snipping beans for mom, bottle feeding baby calves or picking gooseberries… always so much to do! It was not all work though – we knew the simple pleasures of life, one of which was eating good food that we had grown ourselves.

One of my father’s sayings was “We may not be rich, but we sure eat well.” How true that was! We enjoyed the fresh fruits and vegetables from our home garden, eggs from our free-range chickens, meats and milk from our pastured cows and goats. Not only was summer chockful of good eating, but winter equally so. Our fruit cellar was stocked with jars of canned meats, fruits, vegetables, sauces and juices. There were crocks filled with carrots, crates of potatoes, bags of onions, bushels of apples and the oak barrel of fermenting apple cider vinegar. Freezers were also packed with meats, veggies and fruits along with mom’s homemade soups and casseroles.

They say “Health is Wealth,” and we were blessed to have that. Like every family we had sorrows mixed with joys, but together they blended us into a close family unit. With a wood fire warming the house and love warming the heart, we were blessed with riches far greater than money could ever buy.

As I grew up and expanded my horizons beyond that of the farm, it didn’t take me long to realize that my heart would always be nestled in these hills of home. From my grandfather’s day of farming with horses, up to the present day where we farm with so much technology, there is still a common theme: hard work, determination, discouragements and successes, marveling at the intricacies of nature and going to bed at night with a deep sense of gratitude and satisfaction.

When we opened our farm store in June 2001, it was with all this in mind – We wanted our efforts to go towards something worthwhile. Sharing what we felt was our own “Organic Oasis” with others seemed the ideal way to do that. And thus, with the experience and wisdom of my parents and the enthusiasm and ambition of my youth “Organic Oasis Farm Store” was born. We look forward to seeing you!

`~ Jessie