Meat & Eggs

We believe animals are an important part of a balanced ecosystem. Working in harmony, plants feed the animals and the manure from animals provides the nutrients plants require.  Soil health is of utmost importance to us since we know healthy soil grows healthy plants.  Therefore the animals that eat those plants enjoy optimal health and it follows through that the food we humans acquire from those healthy animals, be it their milk, eggs or meat, makes for healthy people.

Intensive Rotational Grazing. The cattle look forward to their daily move.

Beef: Our Galloway Beef Cattle are 100% grass-fed. The Galloway breed of cattle originated in Scotland. With a double hair coat; one to keep them warm, and one to shed water.  They are rugged, hardy and healthy, able to endure harsh weather conditions. Their digestive system is capable of sustaining them well on grass and dry hay without any grain. The beef is lean yet well-marbled. We believe the Galloway cattle are ecologically complementary to the health of our soil and our farm as a whole. We offer freezer cuts of beef (roasts, steaks, stir fry strips, ground, stew, ribs and soup bones). Bulk orders are available as 1/4’s, 1/2’s and whole and cuts can be customized. We also offer a 1/8th beef option which comes as a standard cut and is a good option for small families or someone who has never purchased beef in bulk before and wants to try it out on a small scale.  Our all-beef summer sausage is a popular item, containing our own honey, organic garlic powder, sea salt, black pepper and celery extract.  It contains no synthetic nitrites or nitrates.  Available in whole chubs or sliced and vacuum sealed.

Pork: We source small piglets from farmers who share our philosophies on sustainable farming practices. Our pigs are raised on pasture throughout the summer months and fed organic grains and garden scraps. They can root all they want, just as nature intended. Butchering takes place in the fall after they have fattened themselves on all the goodness summer has to offer. We offer freezer cuts of pork (roasts, chops, sausage, ground pork and bacon). All curing is done with celery extract, no synthetic nitrates.

Chicken: Our meat chickens are started indoors as day old chicks under a heat lamp. At about 3 or 4 weeks old they’re moved outside and have access to everything in the grass including weeds, clover, bugs and insects. They are fed certified organic grains. Our laying hens also have an outdoor yard to forage in. They are fed certified organic grains including flax and enjoy garden treats such as melon, tomato, squash and various greens. This results in bright yolks – showing good nutrient levels.

Fish: We source wild fish whenever possible. Wild BC Sockeye Salmon is a favourite. Other kinds of fish are often sourced from Northern Waters such as Georgian Bay/Lake Huron or the Atlantic Ocean. Fish is available as frozen vacuum-packed fillets individually from our freezer or in 5lb bags. Along with salmon, our seafood stock usually includes: whitefish, rainbow trout, sole, ocean perch, cod, arctic char and also scallops and cold water shrimp.