Growing up on an organic dairy farm brings pretty high standards for quality dairy products. Since its inception in 2001, Harmony Organic Dairy Products has contained a portion of milk from our family’s dairy herd. Continuing to this very day, we are pleased to say that the milk you purchase from our cooler very likely contains milk from the cows you may see grazing in our fields. Harmony milk and cream are available in refundable glass bottles. Bags and cartons are available as well and if you’re looking for an item that we don’t stock, we will gladly order it in special for you. Although Harmony’s milk is pasteurized according to law, they do offer Unhomogenized whole milk. Looking for a treat? Harmony Chocolate milk is deliciously real tasting. Enjoy it cold, or heat it for hot chocolate. Don’t forget a dollop of Harmony’s whipped cream on top! Organic Egg Nog is also available seasonally. Many people say this is the best egg nog they’ve ever tasted!

We also stock organic butter, yogourt, kefir and cheese, including some raw-milk cheeses. And last but not least ~ Ice Cream! Mapleton Organic Ice Cream is produced, on-farm, in nearby Mapleton Township. The organic milk and cream in Mapleton’s ice cream comes directly from their own cows. This ice cream is amazing, so if you haven’t tried it yet ~ now’s the time. Available in 473ml, 2L and 5.7L take home containers. We also offer scooped ice cream in a biodegradable cup, regular cone, or organic spelt waffle cone. Why not relax on our pollinator patio or by the mini waterfall to savour the tranquility of the moment?