Pollinators play a key role in a healthy ecosystem. This is why we are trying hard to keep natural areas growing around our farm with wildflowers, clover, cover crops, shrubs and trees. These provide shelter and food sources for many insects, including bees. By supplying our bees with a myriad of organic nectar sources, they are encouraged to do their pollinating right here on our farm. In providing them with many nutritious options, they will in turn provide us with wholesome, nutritious honey.

We believe in following nature’s example and allowing honey bees to feast off their own nutrient-rich honey and pollen over winter, rather than removing most of their honey and leaving them with white sugar. We feel they will be stronger, healthier colonies from eating the diet nature intended for them. We avoid antibiotics for ourselves and our livestock, so we do the same for our bees – no antibiotics or pesticides placed in their hives.

A swarm of bees collecting underneath a horizontal hive

We try to harness the power of the bee’s own immune system by allowing them to organize and use their own stores, we give them the freedom to swarm (no wings clipped) and minimize disturbance to their brood nest. The weaker colonies that may perish, we look at as nature’s way of sustaining “Survival of the Fittest” for future generations of healthy, hardy, honey bees.

Horizontal Hive