Maple Syrup

Warm days with cold nights are a good recipe for maple sap. Here on our farm, on a small scale, our sap gets collected by hand and turned into sweet and tasty maple syrup!

Tapping maple trees each spring just seems to be a natural fit for a small mixed farm, but up until recently we always purchased our syrup from a local farm. Then in 2021, up sprung a young entrepreneur in our family who put in around 50 taps in our woodlot and boiled the fresh sap down into delicious maple syrup in his own homemade evaporator. Such a treat! The syrup flew off our shelves, and we were sold out almost as soon as the sap stopped flowing that year. Now in 2022 he’s up to over 150 taps, and although it’s still not enough syrup to see us through till next season, we do have more to offer than last year. Perhaps there will be an expansion again in the coming years, who knows! But even when we run out of our own syrup, we’ll still have plenty of delicious local maple syrup filling our store shelves from our friends at – Hoover’s Organic Maple Syrup in North Perth.